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Here are all my patterns in one place for you to print!

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Listed below are all my patterns in one place for you to print. Simply find the pattern you need, then click on the link and print! If you are looking for a pattern that I shared (with permission) from someone else's website, just click on the small blue word at the top right hand corner of my page that says "search." Once you click on that word, you can type in the project you are looking for such as star ornament, alphabet block ornament, etc. 

Christmas Tree Embellishment Pattern

Extra Large Tag Pattern

Super Sized Tag Pattern

Regular Size Tag Pattern

Coin Envelope Pattern For Back …
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DIY~CUTE Candy Gift For Dad Under $2.20! D.T. Materials Used!

Make this super easy and inexpensive Father's Day gift for Dad! These are also inexpensive enough to make up and pass out as little Father's Day token gifts to those you want to remember on this day. The acrylic butter dish, Butterfinger Fun Size Candy Bars and Ribbon all come from the Dollar Tree! Be sure to click on my YouTube link below to see the tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Dollar Tree Acrylic Butter Dish
*Dollar Tree Butterfinger Candy (Fun Size)
*Dollar Tree Chocolate Brown Grosgrain Ribbon 
*Tag (See tutorial for complete instructions.)

DIY~Make 6 Pairs Of Beautiful Earrings Out Of One D.T. Bracelet!

Make 6 pairs of beautiful earrings out of one Dollar Tree Bracelet! To see my full tutorial, please click on my following YouTube link:
Materials Needed:
* One Dollar Tree Bracelet as shown in video tutorial *4mm Bicones, Round Beads Or Pearls in your choice of colors *8mm OR 9mm Bead Caps *1.5 Inch Head Pins * Ear Wires
*Round Nose Pliers *Flat Nose Pliers

DIY~Sweet Vintage Bluebird Purse Charms! Made With Popsicle Sticks!

Make these beautiful and easy lightweight vintage bluebird purse charms! They are made with Popsicle sticks (Tongue Depressors) that you can find at Walmart and Michael's. Click on the following link to see my tutorial on how to put these together:

Materials Needed

* Popsicle Sticks (Tongue Depressors) Approx. mm wide. They carry them at Walmart and Michael's. 
*Triple Thick OR Ranger Glossy Accents
* White Multi Surface Acrylic Paint (I used Folkart in Titanium White)
* Ribbon Ends In Bright Silver (1 Inch or 25mm) I found mine on Aliexpress. 
* Mixed "Nail Glitter" (See video for explanation.)
*Rhinestone Chain (4mm single chain or 2mm two row chain)
*Vinatage Bluebird Print (See links below.)
*Heart Lobster Clasps 
*Dangle Charm (See tutorial.)

*7mm Jump Rings (I bought mine at Michael's.)
*Flat Nose Pliers

Pink Bluebird Image:

Blue Bluebird Image (Had to crop and reduce from …

Beautiful & Easy Spring Blossom Angel Purse Charms!

Make these sweet little bell flower angels for all kinds of things! Journals, embellishments boxes, pendant necklaces, hair elastics, keychains, purse charms, etc.! Just click on my following YouTube link to see my whole tutorial:

Materials Needed

*14mm and 9 Or 10mm Acrylic Bell Flower Beads in mixed colors (See link below)
*White Pearls (6mm)
*Angel or Fairy Wings (About 21mm or 22mm)
*Eye Pins (2 inches) (Michael's has nice head pins;)
*Head Pins (1 Inch) (Michael's has nice head pins;)
*Crystal Rondelle Spacer Beads (5mm and 8mm)
*Acrylic Flower AB Beads 
*Jump Rings (5mm and 7mm) Michael's has nice jump rings.
*Heart Lobster Clasp (About 21mm Or 22mm in height.) You can find these on Ebay, Aliexpress and Amazon.

*Jewelry Making Tools

14mm Acrylic Bell Flower Beads

9mm Acrylic Bell Flower Beads…

DIY~Adorable & Easy Spring/Easter Cake Favors Made With D.T. Materials!

Make these adorable, easy and inexpensive "cake pop" favors with Little Debbie Fancy Cakes! Decorations are from the Dollar Tree! To open the cake pops, just cut across the top with scissors and then cut the ribbon. The cakes will slide out. I love these cake pops because they are fun to put together and you can dress them up or down. I talk a little about that at the beginning of my tutorial, so be sure to click on my following YouTube link to see how to put these together.

Materials Needed
*Little Debbie "Fancy Cakes" in White
*Crafter's Permanent Adhesive Tape
*Tongue Depressors (Found at Walmart and Michael's in the craft section.)
*Adhesive Rhinestones from the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent store.
*White Acrylic Paint
*Cosmetic Sponge Triangles (Dollar Tree)
*Organza Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
*Butterfly Stickers (Dollar Tree- Jot Brand)

DIY~Sparkling Rhinestone Felt Tassel Embellishments! So Easy To Make!

Make these beautiful and easy tassel embellishments for all kinds of projects! You can use them as Christmas ornaments, purse charms, add them to journals or gift bags...and MORE! Check out my YouTube tutorial at the following link to see how to put them together:

Materials Needed:

*Felt (Michael's, Walmart, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby)
*Flat Back Adhesive Rhinestones (To match or coordinate with your felt color. You can purchase these at Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store, Walmart, Michael's.)
*2 Inch Eye Pin- 21 Gauge works well.
*7mm OR 8mm Jump Ring
*I purchased my white Rondelle beads from Michael's. They measure approx. 12mm in width. For the smaller Rondelle beads that go at the very top of the tassel, you can use use 8mm, 9mm or 10mm. 

*I purchased my small 8mm bead caps from the following seller, although 9mm would also work.

*I purchased my l…

DIY~Sparkly Flower Center Embellishments Using D.T. Materials~Build Your Stash!

Build your embellishment stash by making these inexpensive and beautiful flower centers! They're made from D.T. note cards, rhinestones and glitter! Check out my YouTube tutorial by clicking on the following link:

Materials Needed:

*Note Cards from the Dollar Tree
*Ultra Fine Glitter In Gold, Silver, Light Pastel Colors
*Ranger Glossy Accents
*5mm OR 6mm Flat Back Rhinestones
*12mm Flat Back Rhinestones (Can also use 11mm)
*Krylon 18 KT. Gold Leafing Pen AND/OR Krylon Silver Leafing Pen

*Disposable Finger Nail File
*Rhinestone Pick Up Tool
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
*1 Inch Circle Punch

DIY~Sweet Bunny Basket Candy Holder Favor Made With Dollar Tree Materials!

Make these sweet little candy favor holders for Easter! These are so simple to put together and they're made with some D.T. materials as well! Click on the following link to see my YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Round Containers, Package of 10 (Dollar Tree) 
*Dollar Tree OR 99 Cent Store Rhinestones (5 OR 6mm)
*11 OR 12mm Rhinestone
*Chenille Pipe Cleaners (Pastel Colors OR White)
*Acrylic Beads (9 OR 10mm)
*Bows Or Flowers (To add to the handle)
*The Following Is OPTIONAL: Bunny Erasers (Dollar Tree,) Eye Screws, Aluminum Chain, 7mm and 10mm Jump Rings.
*White Flower Trim (I bought this from the following Ebay Seller:

*Hot Glue *Flat Nose Pliers *Flush Cutters OR Wire Cutters *Bottle Cap Hole Punch OR Awl (To poke 2 holes)

DIY~Gorgeous Icy Gemstone Purse Charms/Pendants From Card Scraps!

Make these beautiful fake icy gemstone purse charms out of greeting card scraps! They are sooo easy to do. Check out my tutorial by clicking on my following YouTube link:

Materials Needed

*White Greeting Card Scraps OR Poster Board
*Ranger Glossy Accents
*Krylon 18 KT Gold Leafing Pen
*An Assortment of Glitters (I show and explain the process in my video.)
*Jump Rings in 6mm and 7mm
*Small Resin Roses (About 15mm to 17mm wide)
*Beads to make bead dangles
*Daisy Spacers, Bead Caps (Please see video)
*Glue On Bails
*Heart Lobster Clasp (About 26mm Or 27mm in height)
*Head Pins

*Hot Glue
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
*Disposable Fingernail File
*Paper Cutter
*Basic Jewelry Making Tools

*Where I purchased my 14mm acrylic bicone beads

Where I purchased my 70 grit clear German glass glitter

*The shop I purchased my little acrylic flowers no longer carries them, however, you can find alternatives…