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DIY~Gorgeous Vintage Butterfly Christmas Ornaments! So Easy!

Make these super easy and stunning vintage butterfly ornaments for your Christmas tree! Please click on my following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed  (See my tutorial for more info!)

*Click on my link below for my FREE butterfly pattern
*Stiff White Felt (Non-Adhesive!)
*Medium Grit German Glass Glitter
*Triple Thick (Americana brand)
*Glue On Bails
*20 Gauge Wire
*Rhinestone Chain 
*10mm Resin Hearts
*E6000 Glue

*Wire Cutters
*Round Nose Pliers

Link To Print My Butterfly Ornament Pattern
Medium 70 Grit Clear German Glass Glitter:
Small Glue On Bails (15mmx5x2)
Large Glue On Bails (1x3/8 Inch)
#SS18 Silver AB Crystal Rhinestone Close Chain Trim:
10mm Resin Hearts~100 pieces…
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DIY~Beautiful & Sparkly Dollar Tree Christmas Card Tag Ornaments!

Hi Everyone! Be sure to check out my new YouTube tutorial on how to make these sparkly Dollar Tree Christmas card tag ornaments! These were simple, easy and VERY inexpensive to make! This is a relaxing craft that the kids can get involved in too! Just click on the following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

My FreeTag Pattern:

Click on the following link for the pattern~

*If for some reason you have issues accessing the pattern, please email me at

Materials Needed

*Dollar Tree Christmas Cards
*Kraft Tags (See my FREE pattern above!)
*Elmer's Glue Stick
*Charms and Jump Rings (About a 7mm or 8mm)
*Glue On Bails
*Rhinestone Bling
*Glitter (I used Heidiswapp Marquee Love)
*Fine Glitter (I used Recollections "Glitz.")
*Glitter Glue (Iridescent)
*Wire Ornament Hook
*Pearl Garland 

*Hot Glue
*Jewelry Making Tools to make bead charms

Where I Purchased Some Of My Supp…

DIY~Beautiful Christmas Ornaments Using Dollar Tree Calendars! Collab W/Craftie!

Make these beautiful Calendar ornaments from the back of the Dollar Tree calendars! They are so incredibly easy to make! Use them for your table top Christmas tree this year or give them as gifts to friends! To see instructions, please click on my following YouTube tutorial:

Since this is a collaboration with my wonderful friend Craftie! Craftie will show you how to make some very simple bead dangles to attach to your calendar ornaments in her very easy and comprehensive tutorial. I have posted all of Craftie's links below, however, Just click on the following link to see her bead dangle tutorial:

Materials Needed:
*Dollar Tree Calendars *Scalloped Edge Punch (I used Marvy Uchida's 1.5 inch, but you can use any size or brand.) *Cereal box *Ultra Fine Glittered Cardstock (or one with a design) *Triple Thick by Americana *E6000 Glue *Clear German Glass Glitter (medium 70 grit) *Chain, Charms, …

DIY~Create Gorgeous Shabby Chic Rhinestone Chain & Button Christmas Ornaments! Sooo Easy!

Easily make these stunning and sparkly shabby chic ornaments very inexpensively! These make such wonderful gifts! Wrap them in a pretty box and give them to that special person. Please click on my following YouTube link to see my tutorial on how to put them together:

Materials Needed

* FINE grit glitter card stock in white iridescent
*Cereal box (empty)
*4.3mm AB rhinestone chain (See link below)
*Button bling (See link below)
*Tear drop bead (See my video)
*6mm Jump ring
*Silver tone bails
*Silver leafing pen OR silver metallic paint pen

*Marvy Uchida 1.5 inch scalloped edge punch (or other brand)
*E6000 glue
*Aleene's Turbo Tacky glue

**I'm sharing the following links that I used to purchase some of my craft items in this tutorial. Please be aware that I'm not endorsing any of these sellers on Ebay. There are many sellers who sell these items and you can find them by typing in key words in the Ebay search bar.

#SS18 Silver AB…

DIY~Gorgeous Sparkly Plastic Spoon Ornaments From Dollar Tree! Amazing!

Make your own gorgeous Dollar Tree silver plastic spoon ornaments! Use your left over craft supplies, such as charms, buttons, etc.~ The possibilities are endless! Please click on my following YouTube link to see how to put these beauties together:

It's really important that you watch my YouTube video Tutorial before making these ornaments. They aren't difficult to put together at all, however, I have a lot of valuable info that will keep you from making the mistakes that I made when I first started this. Plus, you'll have a better understanding of what you will need or what you have available to you to put these ornaments together. :o)

Materials Needed:

*Dollar Tree Metallic Silver Plastic Ware Spoons
*Various shades and grits of glitter (Please see tutorial for explanation!)
*Mod Podge Super Gloss~One Coat Gloss Finish
*12mm flatback Resin Hearts, Rhinestones, Pearls, Etc.
*Tiny Heart Charms or Word Charms (See Tutorial)
*Filigree Connectors
*Bails, Sm…

DIY~Fun Little Beaded Garland Project To Do With The Kids!

This is just an easy, fun little beaded garland project to do with the kids! See how I make the loops nice and round in my tutorial! Please click on the following link to see my YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed

*Tinsel Stem (Pipe Cleaners)
*Acrylic Beads in shapes, colors and sizes
*Wire Cutters
*Acrylic Paint Bottle, such as Folk Art, Americana, Etc. 

DIY~ Adorable No-Sew Miniature Mouse Made W/ Stretchy Glove Finger!

Make this adorable little mouse, who stands about 2.5 inches tall! He is such a cutie and would make a wonderful stocking stuffer gift! Wrap him in tissue and place him in a tiny box and watch the delight on the person's face when they open it! Please click on the following YouTube link to see my tutorial on how to make this little guy:

Materials Needed

*2 Fingers cut from a stretchy glove (1 white and 1 color of your choice for the hat and scarf)
*White Rice (short grain is the best)
*White and Pink Felt
*White Yarn
*Pom-Pom for the nose (roughly 8mm or 9mm)
*Stiff Cord OR you can cut the bristles off a new toilet brush from the Dollar Tree for whiskers.
*Black puffy paint
*Pink Blush from the Dollar Tree
*Small, clear rubber bands from the Dollar Tree OR Goody brand from Walmart.
*Embellishments for mouse.....tiny candy cane, bells, tiny flat back rhinestone heart, etc.
*DecoArt Twinkles glitter paint for inside the ears.

*Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun
*Precision Scissors

DIY~Clover Pom Pom Maker Tutorial~Make Beautiful, Thick Pom Poms!

Make these beautiful, thick Pom-Poms with the Clover Pom Pom Maker. I'll show you how in this YouTube tutorial! Please click on the following link:

Materials Needed

*Clover Pom Pom Maker (I used the small ones)
*Small, Sharp Precision Scissors