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DIY~Make Gorgeous Shabby Chic Angel Wing Ornaments!

Make this EASY, gorgeous angel wing ornament for your tree! Click on my FREE pattern link below, then click on my YouTube tutorial link to see how to put this together!

Shareable Link~ Angel Wing Ornament Pattern

Materials Needed:
*Stiff, White Non-Adhesive Felt (Michael's or any craft store!) *Triple Thick by Americana *Maribou Feathers (I found mine at Michael's for $3.29. It was a couple inches short of 2 yards.) *16mm Resin Flower Embellishment (See link below) *Small Bail (See link below) *Piece of Ribbon (1/8 or 1/4 inch is the best) *German Glass Glitter, Clear, 70 Grit (See link below) *Recollections Tinsel Glitter (Glitz) *Suylan brand~ Iridescent Jumbo Glitter (Walmart) *Suylan brand~ Extra Fine Glitter in Carribean (Walmart)

*My Angel Wing Pattern (Above) *Hot Glue Gun *E6000 Glue *Sharp Scissors

*Be sure to check out my friend Elaine's FB channel! It's called "The Sister Synd…
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DIY~Make A Cute & Inexpensive "Dollar Tree" Chocolate Santa Candy Caddy!

Make this cute, simple and inexpensive Christmas candy caddy from mostly Dollar Tree items!This is a snap to put together! I used the crispy chocolate Santa's from the Dollar Tree, however, you could use just about any candy. Please click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial on how to put this together!

*If you want to learn how to make the EASY gold bow on the front of the caddy, click on the following link

Materials Needed

*Square White Styrofoam Block (Dollar Tree)
*2.5 inch wide Wire Ribbon
*Glitter Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
*Narrow, Flat Craft Sticks, approx. 5-3/4 in. tall by 1/2 in. wide (Michael's)
*Iridescent Faux Buffalo Snow
*6 Krispy Chocoate Santa's (Dollar Tree ~2 Packages)
*Bow Embellishment
*Bell ~ 12mm (Dollar Tree)
*Double Stick Tape and Regular Tape 

*Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
*Hot Glue Gun

DIY~Make These Cute No-Sew Flannel Party Favor Gift Bags For Christmas! Free Pattern!

Make these super easy, no-sew flannel bags for Christmas treats! These little bags easily hold a handful of candy and a gift card. Plus, I have a FREE pattern for you! (see link below!) Be sure to click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Flannel Prints (I prefer the smaller prints.)
*E6000 FabriFuse Extreme Stretch
*12mm Bells (Dollar Tree)
*1/8 Inch Wide Narrow Ribbon
*My Free Pattern (below)
*Various candies, small party favors, gift cards, etc.

*Sharp, long blade scissors
*Pinking Shears

Click on the following link for your free flannel bag pattern

DIY~Beautiful Wrapped Ribbon Christmas Card Wreath Ornaments!

Make these beautiful and easy wrapped ribbon wreath ornaments! They are a snap to put together AND there is an easy bow tutorial at the end of my video. :o) You can embellish these wreaths any way you want. There are so many possibilities! Click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Shower Curtain Rings (I used the clear Mainstays brand from Walmart)
*Embossed Grosgrain Ribbon and Rhinestone Chain from RibbonsButtonsGalore on Etsy (See link below)
*Clear German Glass Glitter from Sugar Camp Cottage (See link below)
*Dollar Tree Christmas Cards, Cardstock Christmas Tags, Etc. (See tutorial)
*Americana Triple Thick
*Large Glue-On Bails (See link below)
*7/8 Inch Wide Wire Ribbon 
*Red Satin Roses (See link below)
*Tinsel Stems
*1/8 inch wide ribbon

*Stiff White Felt
*Hot Glue
*E6000 Glue

The beautiful embossed snowflake ribbon and rhinestone chain that I used in this tutorial is from RibbonsButtonsGalore on Etsy. Be sure to check…

DIY~Make Super Easy Bows For Wreath Ornaments, Angel Wings, Boxes and Bags!

Watch my YouTube video by clicking on the following link below to learn how to make super easy bows for wreath ornaments, angel wings, boxes, bags, etc.! Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

*1 Inch Wide Wire Ribbon (Wide border edge!)
*Pipe Cleaner to match color of ribbon.

DIY~Gorgeous Shabby Chic Birdhouse Christmas Ornament!

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoy my new ornament tutorial! I mad a cute little birdhouse that I think you will love! See the link below to download my FREE pattern. Also, be sure to click on the following link to watch my YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed"
*My Free Birdhouse Ornament Pattern (See below) *Stiff White Felt (Non-Adhesive back) *Americana Triple Thick *German Glass Glitter (See link below and in video) *Heidiswapp Marquee Love Glitter (See video) *Recollection Brand Tinsel Glitter "Glitz"  *Wood Bird Buttons (See link below and video) *Charm Bead Dangle with Joy Charm *Bails (See links below and video) *Paper Roses (Optional) about 15mm (Ebay) *Mesh Bling *Sparkly Scrapbooking Cardstock (Tiny Piece) *Dollar Tree Adhesive Flat Back Pearls 

*E6000 *Hot Glue Gun *Scissors *Mechanical Pencil (Helpful)
Birdhouse and Bird Ornament Pattern
Medium 70 Grit Clear AND 40 Grit Ice Blue German Glass Gl…

DIY~Make Beautiful & Sparkly Wrapped Ribbon Cross Ornaments!

Make these beautiful and sparkly wrapped ribbon crosses for your Christmas tree! These were so easy to put together and cost very little to do! Enjoy this tutorial!

Please click on my following YouTube link to see my full tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Wooden Popsicle Sticks (4.5 Inches Long X 10mm or 11mm wide)
*Thin, Sparkly Ribbon (1/4 Inch, 1/2 Inch or 3/8 Inch wide works the very best.)
*Diamond Mesh (Optional)
*Triple Thick (Optional)
*Metallic Gold or Silver Paint Pen or Leafing Pen to paint cross ends.
*Rhinestone Chain (See links below.)
*Flatback Resin Roses (Ebay or Michael's in the bead strand section)
*Bails (See links below.)

*Strong Pair Of Long Blade Scissors
*Hot Glue Gun
*Nail File (Optional)

Helpful Links:

Small Glue On Bails (15mmx5x2) Medium Heart Bails (16mmx8)
Large Glue On Bails (1x3/8 Inch) Silver AB Crystal Rhinestone Close Cha…

DIY~Making Boxes With Dollar Tree Materials For "Dollar Stocking Stuffer" Gifts!

Hi Everyone! This is just a simple "mid-week craft snack" for you! I made these simple boxes out of Dollar Tree materials! I thought it would be fun to make a lot of these little boxes and fill them with various Dollar items. I give an example at the end of my tutorial. So enjoy the video! Please click on the following link:

Materials Needed:

*Burlap Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
*Bling (Dollar Tree)
*Red and Green Bows (Dollar Tree)
*Kraft Boxes (Mine were 3 inches long by 2 inches high.)
*Various Small Dollar Gifts

*Hot Glue Gun