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Here are all my patterns in one place for you to print!

Click on "Read More" at the bottom right hand corner below to see and print all my tag, ornament and misc. patterns. 

Listed below are all my patterns in one place for you to print. Simply find the pattern you need, then click on the link and print! If you are looking for a pattern that I shared (with permission) from someone else's website, just click on the small blue word at the top right hand corner of my page that says "search." Once you click on that word, you can type in the project you are looking for such as star ornament, alphabet block ornament, etc. 

Christmas Tree Embellishment Pattern

Extra Large Tag Pattern

Super Sized Tag Pattern

Regular Size Tag Pattern

Coin Envelope Pattern For Back Of &q…
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DIY~Adorable Beaded Dancing Snowflake Angel! Easy!

Make these super easy and adorable little dancing snowflake angels!They are so much fun to make and look so cute on hanging from a Christmas tree! To see my YouTube tutorial on how to make these angels, click on the following link:

Materials Needed

*Rhinestone "flowers" or any lace flower trim (See link below) If you are purchasing flowers elsewhere, the ones I used are approx. 35mm from tip to tip. 
*6/0 White Pearl-Like E Beads (I found mine at JoAnn's. They are generally in large "tubes" where the seed beads are hanging.
*2 Rondelle Beads In An Ice Blue Color (Approx. 6mm wide by 4mm high.)
*White Pearl For Head- Approx. 9mm or 10mm
*Blue Crystal Rondelle Spacer Bead for Halo. 8mm
*2 Inch Head Pins
*3 Inch Head Pins
*20 Gauge Artistic Wire (Found in any craft store with a bead section.)
*1/4 Inch Ribbon

*Hot Glue Gun (I used my Surebonder mini detail glue gun.)
*Basic Jewelry Making Tools

*Link to where I purchased my "rhin…

DIY~ Simple, Sparkly & Beautiful Remembrance Photo Frame For Christmas!

Make this beautiful and simple remembrance photo frame from a 4x6 Dollar Tree canvas! Click on my YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed:

* 4x6 Canvas Frame (Dollar Tree)
* 6 Inch Wide Lavender Stretch Lace (See below)
* White Flower Trim (See below)
* Bling Brooch/Earrings
* Copy Of You Favorite Photo
* Krylon 18 K. Gold Leafing Pen
*  Mod Podge Gloss (Orange Label)
* Fine Iridescent Glitter & Chunky Iridescent Glitter (See tutorial)
* Paint Brush
* Hot Glue Gun (see link below for the type of glue gun that I use.)

The Purple Moose Paper Crafting And Bling (Mention "HappyBIrd" for 10% off)

Lavender Stretch Lace (6 Inches)

White Flower Trim

Surebonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun

DIY~Easy, Beautiful Tag Ornaments Made From Your Rhinestone Scraps!

To see my tutorial on how to make these fun and easy tag ornaments, click on my following YouTube tutorial link:

Click Below To Print My Free Square Pattern For The Tag Ornaments

Materials Needed

*12X12 Sheet Of Fine White Glitter Cardstock (Found in the open stock scrapbook paper section at Michael's.)
*Scrap Rhinestones From Your Stash
*Bells Or Charms
*8mm OR 9mm Jump RIngs
*Narrow Ribbon (1/4 Inch or 1/8 Inch)
*Gold Or Silver Leafing Pens
*Bottle Cap Whole Punch (Or something equivalent.)
*Hot Glue Gun (I use the Surebonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun)
*Scissors (Long blade scissors AND detail scissors.)

Helpful Links:

Link To SureBonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun

Bottle Cap Hole Punch

Beautiful Vintage Christmas Image For You To Use On Your Projects!

I found this very vintage Christmas card among my Grandmother's old pics. The color is still beautiful! The card itself appears to be made in the early 50's. I thought I'd share it with you in case you wanted to use the image on your projects. Click on the picture with your mouse to open up larger.

DIY~Beautiful Shabby Chic "Fur" Wreath Ornaments! Made With Some D.T. Materials!

Make these beautiful little "faux fur" shabby chic wreath ornaments with the Dollar Tree soft micro fiber cloth that you can find in the tool section! For full details, click on my YouTube tutorial link below:

Materials Needed

*Shower Curtain Rings (I use the Mainstays brand from Walmart in "clear," however, I have seen them at the Dollar Tree as well.)
*6mm Flat Back Pearls (Dollar Tree OR 99 Cent Store)
*Silver Flower Trim (See link below)
*Pearl Trim (See link below)
*Lace Flower Trims (See link below)
*Hot Glue Gun (I used the Surebonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun)
*White Upholstery Thread (Found at Walmart where the regular thread spools are.)

My friend "Craftie" on YouTube

Rhinestone Flower Lace Trim AND the Pearl Lace Flower

Pearl Trim AND Silver Flower Trim

DIY~Adorable Shabby Chic Stocking Ornaments W/ Free Pattern!

Make these adorable "Shabby Chic" Christmas stocking ornaments for your tree! They are so easy to do and you don't have to be an expert at creating stitches. Print my free stocking pattern below and click on the following YouTube link to see my tutorial! Enjoy!

Materials Needed

*Felt (I bought mine on sale at Walmart.)
*Dollar Tree Gems and Pearls (About 6mm) Dollar Tree
*Button Embellishment Of Your Choice (See where I found rhinestone lace flower below)
*Embroidery Floss In A Shiny White Shade (Michael's)
*Size 20 Tapestry Needle (Walmart Or Craft Store)
*Soft Micro Fiber Towel (Dollar Tree in the tool section)
*Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun (See link below)
*Scissors (Long blade and precision scissors)
*1/4 Inch Ribbon (I used the organza ribbon that I bought from the Fire Mountain Gems website.)

Click on the link below to print the stocking pattern

I purchased my rhinestone lace flowers …

DIY~Beautiful Christmas Ornaments Using Metal Filigrees!

Make these pretty metal filigree ornaments using paint and acrylic beads! To see my tutorial, please click on my following YouTube link:

Materials Needed

*Metal Filigree Blanks (See link below)
*Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint (I used Purple Martin and Hummingbird.)
*Mod Podge One Coat Super Gloss Finish
*Ultra Fine Glitter (I used Recollections "Glitz," however, you can use any white iridescent fine glitter.)
*Assorted Acrylic Beads (See video)
*Head Pins and Eye Pins 
*4mm Daisy Spacers
*E6000 Glue
*White Glitter Foam Snowflakes (I used a Martha Stewart Punch.)See tutorial.
*Assorted Small Bling 

Where I purchased my round rhinestone/pearl button

Where I purchased my 14mm acrylic bicone beads

Where I purchased my filigree stamping blanks

DIY~Adorable & Easy Felt Snowman Ornament! Collab W/ Craftie!

Make a rainbow of adorable and very easy little felt snowmen! They're fun to make and no drying time! Click on my following YouTube link for my tutorial:

*My Friend Craftie's Tutorials:
Craftie's Snowman Collab Tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*White Felt
*Colored Felt For The Scarf (Your choice.)
*Colored Stretch Gloves (I bought mine at Dollar Tree in the 2 pair pack.)
*Snowflake (I used the Martha Stewart snowflake punch and white craft foam.)
*Flat Back Rhinestones
*Tiny Colored Bells (I found mine on Ebay quite a while ago.)
*Snowflake Charms (See link below. I did NOT buy them with the crystal rhinestone. I glued that onto the snowflake charm.)
*5mm or 6mm jump ring
*20 Gauge Craft Wire (You can find it in the bead section of any store with a craft department.)
*4mm Black Teddy Bear Eyes (I found these on Ebay.)
*Metallic Ric Rac

*Glue Gun (See link below.)

Helpful Links

*Memory W…

DIY~Coffee Pouch D.T. Christmas Tags For Craft Fairs! Inexpensive & Easy!

Make these cute and inexpensive coffee pouch Christmas tags for craft fairs OR to pass out to Church or club members, co-workers, etc.~ Please click on the following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Dollar Tree Christmas Tags (You can also find similar tags at the 99 cent store.)
*Coffee Pouches
*Bells (Dollar Tree)
*Rhinestones (Dollar Tree)
*Bakers Twine (A good quality one.)
*Hot Glue Gun (See link below for the kind I use)

Link To SureBonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun

Link To The Gorilla Glue Mini Hot Glue Sticks That I Use In My Surebonder.