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Here are all my patterns in one place for you to print!

Click on "Read More" at the bottom right hand corner below to see and print all my tag, ornament and misc. patterns. 

Listed below are all my patterns in one place for you to print. Simply find the pattern you need, then click on the link and print! If you are looking for a pattern that I shared (with permission) from someone else's website, just click on the small blue word at the top right hand corner of my page that says "search." Once you click on that word, you can type in the project you are looking for such as star ornament, alphabet block ornament, etc. 

Christmas Tree Embellishment Pattern

Extra Large Tag Pattern

Super Sized Tag Pattern

Regular Size Tag Pattern

Coin Envelope Pattern For Back Of &q…
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DIY~Coffee Pouch D.T. Christmas Tags For Craft Fairs! Inexpensive & Easy!

Make these cute and inexpensive coffee pouch Christmas tags for craft fairs OR to pass out to Church or club members, co-workers, etc.~ Please click on the following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Dollar Tree Christmas Tags (You can also find similar tags at the 99 cent store.)
*Coffee Pouches
*Bells (Dollar Tree)
*Rhinestones (Dollar Tree)
*Bakers Twine (A good quality one.)
*Hot Glue Gun (See link below for the kind I use)

Link To SureBonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun

Link To The Gorilla Glue Mini Hot Glue Sticks That I Use In My Surebonder.

DIY~Sparkly Shabby Chic Wreath Ornament Made With D.T. Materials!

Make this beautiful and EASY Shabby Chic wreath ornament with Dollar Tree gems! This lovely little ornament will match very well with the Shabby Chic candy cane ornament that I posted a few weeks ago. To see my full tutorial, please click on my following YouTube link:

Materials Needed:

*Clear Acrylic Shower Curtain Rings (I bought mine at Walmart. Mainstays brand.)
*Sparkly White Tulle (I bought mine at Walmart.)
*Shabby Chic Fabric-small print (I bought my fabric from Walmart.)
*Flat Back Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Strips In Pink Rhinestones And White Pearls (Dollar Tree) Walmart also carries 6mm flat back rhinestones in the large 12x12 sheets. 
*Lace Bows
*Embellishment For Center Of Bow (See link below)
*DecoArt Triple Thick (See link below)
*German Glass Glitter (See link below)
*Fine Iridescent Glitter (I used Recollections "Glitz." I found this at Michael's.
*Fine Pink Glitter (I used Recollections "Blush." I found this at Michael's. 


DIY~Sparkling Translucent Sugar Blossom Flowers Made From D.T. Materials!

Make these sparkling translucent sugar blossom flowers to embellish all kinds of crafts! Cards, tags, altered boxes, the list is endless! The flowers are so easy to make and you can find the white flowers at the Dollar Tree. Please click on my following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Dollar Tree White Blossoms (See my tutorial)
*DecoArt Triple Thick (See link below) OR Mod Podge One Coat Gloss Finish

*I used the following ultra fine glitters in my tutorial, however, you can use something equivalent if you don't have them. 
A. Recollection Ultra Fine Glitter in Glitz, Blush and Orchid. I found these at Michael's.
B. Suylan Ultra Fine Glitter in "Carrabean." I found this at Walmart.
C. German Glass Glitter, 70 Grit, CLEAR. (See link below)

*Flat Back Pearls OR Round Pearls
*Hot Glue Gun (See link below for the glue gun that I used.)
*Pretty Sparkly Ribbon to cut leaves for the flowers.

German Glass Glitter, 70 grit in CLEAR https://…

DIY~Beautifu & EASYl Shabby Chic Night Lights Made From Jam Jars!

Make this beautiful little night light for a lovely Christmas gift! You make it out of small or smallish jam/jelly jars, a little paint, glitter, D.T. gems and REALLY inexpensive pearl lace trim! See how I put everything together by clicking on my following YouTube tutorial:

Materials Needed:

*Small or Smallish Recycled Jam/Jelly Jar
*Mod Podge Super Gloss One Coat Gloss Finish OR DecoArt Triple Thick
*White Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint (I used Folkart paint in "Titanium White."
*Recollections Ultra Fine Glitter in "Glitz" 
*Suylan Glitter (Walmart) in "Carrabean"
*Pearl Trim and Pearl Butterfly (See link below...very inexpensive!)
*Clear Gems (Dollar Tree)
*Buffalo Snow Flakes *Iridescent*
*Faux Tea Light 

*Hot Glue Gun (See link below if you want to know what I used.)
*Painters Tape
*Small Sponge Brush 
*Small Piece Of Non-Stick Foil
*Small Heart Pattern link from the First Palette Website…

DIY~Beautiful Shabby Chic Christmas Tree Ornament With Free Pattern!

Make this simple and beautiful shabby chic Christmas tree ornament for gifts, craft fairs OR for your own personal tree! Check out my full YouTube tutorial because I go into more depth as to what you will need to put this ornament together. Click on the following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

List Of Materials Needed:

*Stiff White Felt (Michael's or Hobby Lobby)
*DecoArt Triple Thick (See link below)
*Various Glitters (Please see tutorial for this.)
*German Glass Glitter, 70 Grit Clear (See link below)
*Bead Line or Bead Trim
*Bits and Bobs (I bought flat back shabby chic pearls at Michael's. The Brand is Bead Landing.)
*Acrylic Multi-Surface Paints in "Metallic Sterling" and "Peppermint Bark" Both are Martha Stewart paints. 
*SureBonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun (See link below)
*Tree Topper (See link below)
*Detail Scissors 
*White Upholstery Thread (See tutorial)

Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern To Print…

DIY~Sparkly Shabby Chic Candy Cane Ornament Made With D.T. Materials!

Make this gorgeous shabby chic candy cane using Dollar Tree materials! See my tutorial that will show you what you need and how you can put this together! Just click on my following YouTube link"

Materials Needed:

*Glass Candy Cane Ornaments (Dollar Tree) 
*Dollar Tree Pink Rhinestones and Cream Pearls (They come in the Jot brand and are attached in strands. 
*Cotton Fabric (I used Shabby Chic prints with mostly white background)
*1/2 Inch Wide White Lace (mine had a touch of pink in it.)
*Bow Lace Trim, white. 
*Triple Thick by Decoart (Amazon or Ebay. See my link below)
*Ultra Fine Iridescent Glitter (I used Recollections in Glitz.)
*Ultra Fine Pastel Pink Glitter (I used Recollections in Blush.)
*9mm Rhinestones (2 of them)

Link To SureBonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun

Link To The Gorilla Glue Mini Hot Glue Sticks That I Use In My Surebonder.

Where I puchased my German Glass Glitter In 70 Grit CLEAR…

DIY~Gorgeous Icy Winter Wonderland Bracelet~Collab With Chef Tovia!

Make this gorgeous icy Winter wonderland bracelet to give as a gift or to wear yourself! This is a triple loop bracelet in beautiful lavenders, aqua and crystal colors, so it can be worn ANY time of the year! See my video tutorial at 
AND be sure to check out my friend, Chef Tovia's amazing cooking channels (See links below!)

Materials Needed To Make This Bracelet

*Memory Wire, Silver Color (2-1/4 inch diameter)
*Memory Wire Cutters (A must!) See link below
*Memory Wire Finishing Pliers (Optional, but a HUGE help!) See link below
*4mm Daisy Spacers in bright silver (Ebay or Michael's)
*7mm Jump Rings, Bright Silver (Michael's-Bead Landing)
*Snowflake Charms OR Charms of your choice
*6mm Crystal Rondelle Spacers (Clear AB) (Ebay or Michael's)
*6mm Clear AB Czech Glass Beads (Michael's-Red Label)
*4mm Lavender AB Czech Glass Beads (Ebay or Michael's)
*7mm OR 8mm Wide Aqua Chinese Crystal Rondelle Beads (Ebay)
*8mm Wide Lavender Glass or Chinese Cry…

DIY~Make An Adorable & Easy Baby Jesus Christmas Ornament

Make this adorable, rustic and EASY baby Jesus ornament with just a few simple items! To see my full tutorial, please click on my following YouTube link:

Materials Needed

*Folkart Acrylic Paint (Light Cinnamon)
*White Acrylic Paint
*Black Acrylic Paint
*Martha Stewart Multi Surface Acrylic Paint (Peppermint Bark)
*Wooden Peg- 11mm OR 12mm (See Tutorial)
*Brown Or Tan Color Raffia (Dollar Tree)
*Muslin Fabric (2-1/4 inch square)
*Cotton Ball
*Ultra Fine Glitter (Champagne or Gold) I used Recollections Glitter in Champagne

*Mod Podge One Coat Gloss Finish (See Tutorial)
*Paint Brush (I use the cosmetic brushes from the Dollar Tree)
*Hot Glue 

*Where I purchased my dotting tools

*Surebonder Mini Detail Hot Glue Gun

DIY~Gorgeous Layered Snowflake Ornaments! So Easy!

Easily make this beautiful layered snowflake with inexpensive packaged snowflakes! This would make a lovely ornament for gifts or to decorate your own tree. Check out my YouTube tutorial by clicking on the following link:

Materials Needed:

*Cheap Snowflakes from the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Etc. (See tutorial!)
*German Glass Glitter, 70 grit clear (See link below)
*Recollections Fine Glitter in "Glitz" OR an equivalent glitter.
*Recollections Fine Glitter in "Blush" OR an equivalent glitter.
*Recollections Fine Glitter in "Orchid" OR an equivalent glitter.
*Pink Jumbo Glitter From Walmart 
*Filigree Stamping/Connector-Mine was roughly 45mm (See link below)
*Rhinestone/Pearl Button (See link below)
*Folkart Paint in "Metallic Amethyst"
*Triple Thick 
*Flat Back Rhinestones from Walmart, about 9mm. 
*1/4 Inch Wide Ribbon (I used the organza ribbon from the Fire Mountain Gems website.)

*E6000 Glue
*Hot Glue
*Popsicle Sticks