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DIY~Gorgeous Vintage Butterfly Christmas Ornaments! So Easy!

Make these super easy and stunning vintage butterfly ornaments for your Christmas tree! Please click on my following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed  (See my tutorial for more info!)

*Click on my link below for my FREE butterfly pattern
*Stiff White Felt (Non-Adhesive!)
*Medium Grit German Glass Glitter
*Triple Thick (Americana brand)
*Glue On Bails
*20 Gauge Wire
*Rhinestone Chain 
*10mm Resin Hearts
*E6000 Glue

*Wire Cutters
*Round Nose Pliers

*NOTE: If you can't find stiff, white felt where you live, you can use normal felt and paint on fabric stiffener on both sides, allowing one side to dry and then the other. 

Link To Print My Butterfly Ornament Pattern

Medium 70 Grit Clear German Glass Glitter:

Small Glue On Bails (15mmx5x2)

Large Glue On Bails (1x3/8 Inch)

#SS18 Silver AB Crystal Rhinestone Close Chain Trim:

10mm Resin Hearts~100 pieces

Big Jar of Triple Thick (8 fl. oz.)

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DIY~Make A Sparkling Gingerbread House Ornament! Easy With Pattern!

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoy making this little gingerbread house ornament! Use your imagination and make your own design!  :o) I would love to see what YOU come up with! You can print my free pattern by clicking on the link below. I also included some other helpful links for you. Please note, I'm not endorsing the sellers below, I'm only sharing where I purchased my items. Be sure to click on my following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed

*Felt in a "Gingerbread" color (I bought mine from Michael's)
*Stiff White Felt (NON-adhesive backing) I also bought this from Michael's
*Bling, White Rick Rack, 3mm bead trim in white and red, candy cane and gingerbread man embellishments, pearl for door handle.
*Bow Lace
*Narrow Lace (1/2 Inch Wide)
*Triple Thick
*Recolletions Glitter~Glitz Tinsel Glitter, Cherry Tinsel Glitter
*Walmart Jumbo Pink Glitter And Fine Pink Glitter
*German Glass Glitter, 70 Grit (See link below)