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Make Beautiful Earrings Out Of Fender Guitar Picks


These earrings are so simple and inexpensive to make! What young lady wouldn't like to receive a pair of these earrings for Christmas? Enjoy the tutorial!

Here is the link where I bought my guitar picks. The seller's  name is "Guitarmansrb" and he is such a nice man! Super low prices and shipping PLUS he is really fast to send out your guitar picks. When the page opens, just click on "Items for Sale" under his photo and check out all the designs and colors he has. 

Materials Needed:

Fender Guitar Picks (Thin)
Medium/Large Heart Charms (You can purchase these on Ebay or Etsy.)
5mm Jump Rings
Chain, Cut Into 1/4 Inch Lengths
Scrapbook Hole Punch
Ear Wires

1. Punch a hole with your scrapbook hole punch at very top of one of the guitar picks. Be careful not to punch too low or too high. Once you punch the hole in the first guitar pick, line up the pick with another pick to see where the hole is and punch again. Now both holes will be even!
2. Slip a 5mm jump ring into the hole at the top and then slip the charm on the front. Close the ring.  (I keep the Fender logo on the back of the earrings.) 
3. Slip a second 5mm jump ring through the ring you just attached. Now slip your 1/4 inch length of chain on the second jump ring and close.
4. Lastly, add your earring wires.
5. All finished! Enjoy!


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