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DIY~4 ADORABLE & Easy Christmas Cupcake Toothpick Toppers To Make!

Learn how to make 4 different ADORABLE toothpick cupcake toppers for your Christmas cupcakes! You don't need special scrapbooking skills OR special scrapbook materials/tools, as I will show you inexpensive ways to make these. The toppers also make wonderful hostess gifts when placed in a Dollar Tree tin that has been lined with tissue paper. So many possibilities with this project! I make a list below of the materials you will need, but of course I explain in more detail what you will need in the video. Please click on the following link to see my YouTube tutorial:

*Scrapbooking Paper (Double sided OR one sided.)
*Glitter Glue (Preferably in a white iridescent shade. I used Stickles.)
*Glitter Ribbon
*Flatback Embellishments
*Sparkle Pom-Poms in two different sizes
*Dollar Tree Fun Foam Glitter Stickers OR ANY Christmas Stickers
*Tall Toothpicks from the Dollar Tree or any 99 cent store.

*Small Elmer's Glue Stick
*Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun
*Double Sided Scotch Tape
*Invisible Scotch Tape
*Square Scallop Punch & Round Scallop Punch OR you can go to http.// and print out square and circle shapes for free that you can cut out with scissors.


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DIY~Gorgeous Vintage Butterfly Christmas Ornaments! So Easy!

Make these super easy and stunning vintage butterfly ornaments for your Christmas tree! Please click on my following YouTube link to see my tutorial:

Materials Needed  (See my tutorial for more info!)

*Click on my link below for my FREE butterfly pattern
*Stiff White Felt (Non-Adhesive!)
*Medium Grit German Glass Glitter
*Triple Thick (Americana brand)
*Glue On Bails
*20 Gauge Wire
*Rhinestone Chain 
*10mm Resin Hearts
*E6000 Glue

*Wire Cutters
*Round Nose Pliers

*NOTE: If you can't find stiff, white felt where you live, you can use normal felt and paint on fabric stiffener on both sides, allowing one side to dry and then the other. 

Link To Print My Butterfly Ornament Pattern
Medium 70 Grit Clear German Glass Glitter:
Small Glue On Bails (15mmx5x2)
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DIY~Gorgeous Sparkly Plastic Spoon Ornaments From Dollar Tree! Amazing!

Make your own gorgeous Dollar Tree silver plastic spoon ornaments! Use your left over craft supplies, such as charms, buttons, etc.~ The possibilities are endless! Please click on my following YouTube link to see how to put these beauties together:

It's really important that you watch my YouTube video Tutorial before making these ornaments. They aren't difficult to put together at all, however, I have a lot of valuable info that will keep you from making the mistakes that I made when I first started this. Plus, you'll have a better understanding of what you will need or what you have available to you to put these ornaments together. :o)

Materials Needed:

*Dollar Tree Metallic Silver Plastic Ware Spoons
*Various shades and grits of glitter (Please see tutorial for explanation!)
*Mod Podge Super Gloss~One Coat Gloss Finish
*12mm flatback Resin Hearts, Rhinestones, Pearls, Etc.
*Tiny Heart Charms or Word Charms (See Tutorial)
*Filigree Connectors
*Bails, Sm…

DIY~Stunning Dancing Lights Faux Candle Ornament!

Make this super inexpensive and beautiful "dancing lights" faux candle ornament! This was very easy to put together and it looks so beautiful in the dark. Please click on the following link to see my full YouTube tutorial on how to make this!

Materials Needed

*Open Face Acrylic Bulb ~ The seller that I mentioned in my video has not restocked this item, therefore, I'm giving you a few alternative links as to where you can purchase these bulbs. 

Factory Direct Crafts calls it an "Open Face Ornament."

*They also sell the bulbs as a seasonal Christmas item at Michael's for $2.99 each. 

*Iridescent Type Glitter (I used HeidiSwapp's Love Marquee) You can find this at Michael's or on Ebay.
*Decorative Christmas Picks (See tutorial!)
*Faux Candle from the Dollar Tree
*Flat Back Rhinestones (Crystal) from the Dollar Tree
*Silver Diamond Mesh from the Dollar Tree
*Rhinestone Reindee…